Meet Our Team

E-Alternative Solutions, (EAS), is an independent, family-owned provider of electronic alternatives to cigarettes. We develop, market and distribute vaping products manufactured with the highest level of quality control, innovation and commitment to our consumers.

As a sister company to Swisher International, our executives have years of experience in the vapor industry. EAS has products that fit adult consumers desires with a diverse vapor portfolio including Leap®, Leap Go and Cue®. Our business pillars of understanding the marketplace, putting our partners first, commitment to category growth, and providing reliable regulatory analysis have positioned us as respected leaders in the vaping industry.

  • Jacopo D’Alessandris

    Jacopo D’Alessandris

    CEO & President

    Jacopo D’Alessandris is the CEO & President of E-Alternative Solutions.

  • Chris Howard

    Chris Howard

    VP, General Counsel, & Chief Compliance Officer

    Chris Howard is the Vice President, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer of E-Alternative Solutions.

  • Jeffrey Brown

    Jeffrey Brown

    Vice President of Sales

    Jeffrey Brown is the Vice President of Sales for E-Alternative Solutions.

  • Ray Brandstaetter

    Ray Brandstaetter

    Vice President of Finance

    Ray Brandstaetter is the Vice President of Finance for E-Alternative Solutions.

  • Ellene Hu

    Ellene Hu

    Director of Marketing

    Ellene Hu is the Director of Marketing at E-Alternative Solutions.